Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tip - Query to list the accounts running the SQL services

It will be quick this time around ..

Have you guys ever encountered a situation when you badly had to know the account name under which some remote SQL server and SQL server Agent services are running. 
Ahh you did, great.. So what did you do ? went to SQL box and found out it using services.msc or SQL config manager ?  alright Good. 

Let me make situation a bit more challenging ..

What if you can not remote into SQL BOX because of limited access? Now what will you do ?Pretty frustrating isn't it. Just to know the account name for the SQL service you have to raise a ticket with IT and wait for them to respond. 

But what if I tell you, when you can query that server fine why bother jumping onto the server itself? Yes,it can be achieved using simple SQL statement. Isn't that awesome? if you ask me.. YES, it is.

Starting SQL 2008 R2  MICROSOFT has solved this problem for us and presented 
  • dm_server_services - The dynamic management view to report status information about the services
Well how about that.. let us see it in action 

FROM sys.dm_server_services

You must have VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server in order above SQL statement to work.

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